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Kate Hudson Nears Perfection in Alexander McQueen

14 Jan

This dress is sinfully good but of course it is, it’s a McQueen.

There was more black at the Golden Globes than I expected but Kate Hudson‘s look was by far one of the night’s best.

A great fit for her small frame, with great detail and the low decolletage

Mah-velous Dahling.Popsugar

Mah-velous Dahling.

gives it a nice little modern twist. If you are not part of the Small Cup Brigade, this probably wouldn’t be the best choice in cut for you… I’m not saying your body is wrong, I’m just saying it might not be right for this kind of dress.

It’s super feminine and perfectly sexy but as I tweeted during the show, respect the dress and do your hair.

While the messy do keeps the fun aspect, it’s all wrong for this look. If she had opted for a messy bun, let’s say, it would have been perfection but with the hair, cleav-age and her pale skin, you miss out on the dress’  beautiful neck detailing.

Kind of like buying Michelangelo’s David and throwing your dirty laundry all over it.

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