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Lena Dunham’s Great Night in a Terrible Outfit

14 Jan

On one hand I love Lena Dunham‘s stance on showing the world that there is more than one body type  for women, yet she did do herself an injustice with her Golden Globes Zac Posen look.

Absolutely not Lena Dunham.Popsugar

Oh Lena (Le Sigh)

Too much material, not flattering for her figure, too dark for her skin tone and so on.

The dress isn’t the best mainly because it caused so much volume around her. One fix would have been to wear a similar frock with a decently indecent split in a lighter material or if she wanted to go heavy – go really heavy in a velvet.

While it was a kind of simple look, it totally overwhelmed her body and took a little away from her charming Globes moment. No, it’s not always about the dress but when you can’t help but focus on the distracting outfit, it takes the discussion away from the 2 Golden Globes she received.

And the shoes….

I couldn’t help but cringe every time I saw her walk. And I thought Louboutins were suppose to be fool-proof.

Remember ladies, if you get new shoes for a special occasion take a week to first stretch them, then to wear them around with socks and finally be as comfortable as possible strutting everywhere in them. Then, if you can’t accomplish wearing them for at least 3 hours before you have to tap out after wearing them all week – find another pair.

What’s worse is that they were kind of useless since nobody could even see them.

Fingers crossed for the next time Lena.

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