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Is Kerry Washington having a fashion breakdown?

14 Jan

Look, I usually love Kerry Washington‘s looks but the last couple of times she’s walked the red carpet there’s always been something off.
Her Golden Globes look could have been wonderful- it was so promising in one of the nights IT colours, nude. It even had a hint of sheer in the cleave, which combined with the silver embellishments could result in a romantically beautiful dress.

However, those things didn’t quite gel in this look. The length is all wrong. it’s so awkwardly not long enough or short enough and I feel like there should be some kind of sleeve. It’s to bad.

Not. Impressed.

No Kerry Washington, just, no.JustJared

No Kerry Washington, just, no.


Classic Fox

13 Jan

Megan Fox  may not be re inventing the wheel with this Golden Globes look but it’s exactly perfect.

Didn't Megan Fox just have a baby?http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/02/golden-globes-2013-red-carpet-photos-fashion-dresses_n_2398097.html?utm_hp_ref=canada&ir=Canada#slide=1976985

Didn’t Megan Fox just have a baby? –  Golden Globes 2013
Huffington Post

Let’s face it, Megan Fox could have gone the other way to Skankville (population: 2 many 2 keep count) but she didn’t and for that Megan, we thank you.

I know people are going to go after the lack of colour but it reminds me of Carrie’s naked dress – by Fox. She makes it look easy – by keeping her makeup natural and hair tousled but polished, it maybe understated yet it let’s her beauty speak for itself.

Classic. Timeless. Very easy on the eyes. Well done.


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