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Dr. Martens Sexy Heels

8 Jan

Doc’s were a solid part of my youth but when I started down the path of business casual, they slowly found their way to the back of my closet and then completely gone… But not anymore!

I’m not sure when this happened but I am SO happy that it did.

The comfort, the non slip grooves and the inevitable statement of wearing DM’s have taken a more conventional route to sexy than their more recognizable counterparts but don’t underestimate them. Still made with leather and cemented heels means they still have the classic Doc durability on top of being super stylish.

Also, it being winter I’m always looking for cute shoes that I won’t break my face in, which is apparently the hardest find ever but with these… Someone call my mama, cuz I’m in Looove!

The Zita Collection by Dr. Martens                                                                    

From left to right, top to bottom: Marina, Roni, Nevena, Ofira.

From left to right, top to bottom: Marina, Roni, Nevena, Ofira.

MARNINABlack patent leather with studs ($150.00).

RONI-  There is always a time and place for business casual

and with these oxblood coloured hotties, business is picking up!

($131.00). More colours available.

NAVENA-  Buckle and zipper at the back ($94.00). More colours available.

OFIRA- The 4 – eye lace up, which might be my faves ($84.00). More colours available

Whatever your style may be, I feel like I can confidently say
Dr. Martens has a shoe or boot for you. Go check ’em out.

… And no, I wasn’t paid to say any of this, I’m just a fan.

Just Don’t Do It…

7 Dec
At least they offer ankle support?

At least they offer ankle support?

SO, there I was stressing over finding a pair (read: THE perfect pair) of boots for New Year’s. Although I still haven’t found them, I did unfortunately find these…

Oh greed, you are our master. What could have caused you to make these shoes other than greed? Was there that big of a market for them?

Nothing about those Nike‘s make sense… Pearlescent purple and white soles? WTF.

Ok so I’ll give this to the Air Jordan‘s: if I were ever looking for a pair of heels to practice my jump shots in, these would probably be at the top of my list… However, that will never happen. But somehow these shoes managed to.

Whomever bought these were definitely looking for some sporty whoring shoes… I know, not very subtle but to my defense, neither are those shoes.

I almost apologized for having offended  anyone who bought these but it suddenly occurred to me just how offended I was. SO offended, in fact, that I uglied up my brand new blog  just so that we could all point and laugh. You’re Welcome.

Next up: Hopefully, something to restore my faith in the fact that somebody HAD to have been fired over this.  Right?

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