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Jessica Chastain’s Fashion Redemption at the 2013 SAG Awards

28 Jan


Thank you, Ms. Chastain, for wearing something that perfectly compliments your beauty.

Jessica Chastain SAG Awards 2013

Mah-velous Dah-ling
Jessica Chastain

Even though poppy red was one of the big colours at the Golden Globes, on the SAG red carpet it was all about Black, white and blues, so that meant that this Alexander McQueen dress really popped!

Now let’s talk about why, even though the dress is a little too tight and the hem looks a little wonky, it’s still an improvement over what she wore to the 2013 Golden Globes.

First of all, I hate the middle part. It makes it look like her hair is thinning.

Jessica Chastain Golden Globes 2013

Look at how unfortunate her boobs look.
Jessica Chastain

I hate that the dress makes it look like she tucked her tits into her skirt. Like her boobs were so saggy that she could no longer roll them up into a bra, People of Walmart style.

I hate sea foam, and the red lipstick is clearly as confused about why it’s there as I am.

Yes, hate is a strong word but I do HATE it when women sell themselves short with their clothes, and this look is 99 cents short of a dollar.

The truth is her SAG awards look isn’t perfect, but it’s closer to being the right cut, colour and style for her body, and that changes everything. So go forth to fabulousness Jessica, we’re rooting for you!


Kate Hudson Nears Perfection in Alexander McQueen

14 Jan

This dress is sinfully good but of course it is, it’s a McQueen.

There was more black at the Golden Globes than I expected but Kate Hudson‘s look was by far one of the night’s best.

A great fit for her small frame, with great detail and the low decolletage

Mah-velous Dahling.Popsugar

Mah-velous Dahling.

gives it a nice little modern twist. If you are not part of the Small Cup Brigade, this probably wouldn’t be the best choice in cut for you… I’m not saying your body is wrong, I’m just saying it might not be right for this kind of dress.

It’s super feminine and perfectly sexy but as I tweeted during the show, respect the dress and do your hair.

While the messy do keeps the fun aspect, it’s all wrong for this look. If she had opted for a messy bun, let’s say, it would have been perfection but with the hair, cleav-age and her pale skin, you miss out on the dress’  beautiful neck detailing.

Kind of like buying Michelangelo’s David and throwing your dirty laundry all over it.

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