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Solange Knowles Stands Out in Green at the Grammys

13 Feb

Solange has been stepping out of  Beyonce’s shadow for a while now and she took it a step further at the Grammys.

Solange Knowles keeps it sexy and simple 2013 Grammy Awards

Solange Knowles keeps it sexy and simple
2013 Grammy Awards

This green delight goes great with her tone and shows off her body without her having to be naked. This look has pop without being over the top and those neon pink Louboutins takes away the serious.

I love that through the sea of  similarity in hairstyles, just out of sheer being herself she had a great do that framed her face well and that brought a little drama and personality to her dress. Well freakin’ done Ms. Solange.

Now if you could only teach Florence Welch your fantastically stylish ways…


Chloë Grace Moretz Darkens Up

18 Jan

… And as with everything that gurlfriend does, it’s completely adorbs!

CGM so stylish and completely living up to her middle(?) name, it

CGM so stylish and completely living up to her middle(?) name, it hurts.


Halle Berry’s Golden Globes Faux Jamais

14 Jan
Halle Berry

She should have just gone naked…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much bad on Halle Berry.

This frock is a damn shame! Look at what it’s doing to her breasts… I missed her red carpet walk but I nearly          choked on my gin and tonic when she walked on stage to present.  How is it even possible that this dress makes her look like she has two different sized boobs? One a D-cup and the other an A-cup?

And the hair! A blast from the 90’s past.

This might not just be Halle Berry’s worst Golden Globe look but possibly her worst look EVER.



Kate Hudson Nears Perfection in Alexander McQueen

14 Jan

This dress is sinfully good but of course it is, it’s a McQueen.

There was more black at the Golden Globes than I expected but Kate Hudson‘s look was by far one of the night’s best.

A great fit for her small frame, with great detail and the low decolletage

Mah-velous Dahling.Popsugar

Mah-velous Dahling.

gives it a nice little modern twist. If you are not part of the Small Cup Brigade, this probably wouldn’t be the best choice in cut for you… I’m not saying your body is wrong, I’m just saying it might not be right for this kind of dress.

It’s super feminine and perfectly sexy but as I tweeted during the show, respect the dress and do your hair.

While the messy do keeps the fun aspect, it’s all wrong for this look. If she had opted for a messy bun, let’s say, it would have been perfection but with the hair, cleav-age and her pale skin, you miss out on the dress’  beautiful neck detailing.

Kind of like buying Michelangelo’s David and throwing your dirty laundry all over it.

Miley Cyrus Channels Billy Idol

20 Dec
Billy Idol points and panties drop.

Billy Idol points and panties drop.

It takes some serious balls to cover Billy Idol because not only is it punk (and we apparently just don’t do that sort of thing anymore) but also because most people who watch that kind of show just plain wouldn’t know who he is. And lastly, because all he wears is leather, not to mention I don’t even think the man wore a shirt for two decades. So if you’re going to emulate him, you have to go all the way – and all the way Miley Cyrus did during her VH1 Divas performance. Including lots of skin.

In an alternate universe Miley Cyrus is actually related to another Billy- Billy Idolm that is.

How crazy is it that they look as though they could be related?

Ok let’s get this straight, I am not a Miley Cyrus fan but I am a fan of giving credit where it’s due… And hmm, Ms. Miley, well friggin’ played!

The internets is all a buzz over Miley’s new style evolution, I, however welcome it. You can’t play it safe forever and this kitty is showing that she has some pretty cool claws. Unlike some of the night’s misses (more like messes), she took an homage and not only made it her own but also morphed it into a modernized sexy B.I.T.C.H version.

Hey little sister way to make a fashion statement.

Hey little sister… Way to make a fashion statement.

Boots with attitude.
Skin tight pants.
A leather jacket.
Lots of studs.
Blond, spiked hair.

She applied all the right rules:

Skin without the overkill – pick one area to show off and cover up the rest.

Don’t over accessorize – that jacket is enough of a statement but makes great use out of a sometimes tacky belly chain for just a little je ne sais quoi.

Great boots– they’re simple black suede booties that takes her  already long legs to staggering heights. To the envy and chagrin of women everywhere.

With all the leather and studs that have been going around lately, it’s really nice to see someone wearing them in actual context and not just because it’s what’s IN.

People are apparently offended but I say to hell with ’em, not only did she pull this look off, she rocked it! And even garnered some positive attention from Billy Idol himself.

Also, is it just me or does she kind of look like Justin Bieber with her new shorter hair?

Willow Smith’s Ever Changing Hair And Why We Should All Be So Brave

20 Dec
Go on witcha bad self Willow!

Go on witcha bad self Willow!

SO I know that this is kind of old news but I have to acknowledge it.  Willow Smith cut her hair, the press apparently went into a frenzy about it all over Jada and then rightfully, got told.

Then I read this which completely affirms that my once annoyance at that too cute to be true family, was totally incorrect (yea I said it, I was wrong). To add to that even, I think Jada Pinkett-Smith is mom of the decade material.

You can’t talk fashion without talking hair, what’s a look without the hair?

I applaud Jada Pinkett-Smith for teaching her kids about individuality while they’re young.

Fashion isn’t about how much you paid for something or how many designers you wear, it’s about expressing yourself  and giving the outside world a glimpse of who you are.

We forget this in this world of stylists and the only way to have your own personal look  is to know yourself but  you can’t know yourself without trying different things. Which is exactly what Willow Smith is doing, getting to know herself.

People need to plain ol’ stop talking ISH!

Willow looks adorbs with her new hair and even though I don’t always agree with what she wears, no one can ever accuse her of being anyone but herself, which is mighty mature for a 12-year-old and something that we can all learn from.

Be fearless and  try something newespecially if it scares you, not for bragging rights but to find yourself!

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