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Willow Smith’s Ever Changing Hair And Why We Should All Be So Brave

20 Dec
Go on witcha bad self Willow!

Go on witcha bad self Willow!

SO I know that this is kind of old news but I have to acknowledge it.  Willow Smith cut her hair, the press apparently went into a frenzy about it all over Jada and then rightfully, got told.

Then I read this which completely affirms that my once annoyance at that too cute to be true family, was totally incorrect (yea I said it, I was wrong). To add to that even, I think Jada Pinkett-Smith is mom of the decade material.

You can’t talk fashion without talking hair, what’s a look without the hair?

I applaud Jada Pinkett-Smith for teaching her kids about individuality while they’re young.

Fashion isn’t about how much you paid for something or how many designers you wear, it’s about expressing yourself  and giving the outside world a glimpse of who you are.

We forget this in this world of stylists and the only way to have your own personal look  is to know yourself but  you can’t know yourself without trying different things. Which is exactly what Willow Smith is doing, getting to know herself.

People need to plain ol’ stop talking ISH!

Willow looks adorbs with her new hair and even though I don’t always agree with what she wears, no one can ever accuse her of being anyone but herself, which is mighty mature for a 12-year-old and something that we can all learn from.

Be fearless and  try something newespecially if it scares you, not for bragging rights but to find yourself!

Fashion Mode

5 Dec

I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for a while now and it scares me to death.

One, because I’m not good at being judged…

Two because I don’t like judging…

Ok, maybe not so much the latter, but my judging  has seemed to turn from sport to, let’s call it, creative criticism.

So in that vein, I give you my inner thoughts  From the absurd

Someone let this girl leave the house like this... So much wrong and so little space.

Someone let this girl leave the house like this… So much wrong and so little space.

to absolute beauty.

Well you just can't go wrong with some Siriano!

Well you just can’t go wrong with some Siriano!

Maybe we can all have a good laugh or maybe even start a fashun revolution.

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