Beyoncé in Osman Yousefzada

13 Feb

Well it wouldn’t be the Grammys without Beyoncé dropping a bomb, and this time it was her backside.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seriously looks like she padded her ass-ets. It’s like she Huffpost Beyonce.jpggot hooked up with whatever Nicki Minaj lost. We get it, it’s big. Please cover it appropriately. K, thanks.

Maybe she received an undue amount of fire from her Super Bowl performance, but this outfit was just bland and really not that flattering.

Seriously, what is up with that butt? I’ve never seen her side bum before.

Florence Welch is Gojira!!! 2013 Grammy Awards

13 Feb
Is Florence Welch shedding her shiny reptile skin?

Is Florence Welch shedding her shiny reptile skin?

Oh Florence Welch, I know your different and quirky and everything, but would it kill you for once to not be a fashion martyr?

Yes, it’s Givenchy, but were the matching clutch AND shoes necessary?

Let’s just be real for a second, this is a Gaga dress not a Florence Welch look. Even  Carly Rae Jepsen could have probably rocked sh!t out of this. I really think Ms. Welch needs to go more in the route of romanticism-  simple, light, otherworldly, but soft; Spritely if you will. Then there’s the updo with the severe look of her face and lipstick that’s completely too dark for her tone. The Grammys are supposed to be fun, but how are you going to have fun looking all uptight and ish?!

I feel like the look was too much for her and the dress ended up wearing her instead of her wearing it.

Solange Knowles Stands Out in Green at the Grammys

13 Feb

Solange has been stepping out of  Beyonce’s shadow for a while now and she took it a step further at the Grammys.

Solange Knowles keeps it sexy and simple 2013 Grammy Awards

Solange Knowles keeps it sexy and simple
2013 Grammy Awards

This green delight goes great with her tone and shows off her body without her having to be naked. This look has pop without being over the top and those neon pink Louboutins takes away the serious.

I love that through the sea of  similarity in hairstyles, just out of sheer being herself she had a great do that framed her face well and that brought a little drama and personality to her dress. Well freakin’ done Ms. Solange.

Now if you could only teach Florence Welch your fantastically stylish ways…

The End of Adele’s Fashion Roll – 2013 Grammy Awards

13 Feb
Huffpost Adele.jpg

Who did this to Adele? I demand answers!
2013 Grammy Awards
Huffington Post

This Valentino dress is too much.  Adele  is way too lovely to look like she was carpeted.

The cut is flattering on her, but the arms of the dress need to be cut off and the chest opened up. Or even keep the sleeves, but open up the chest and shorten the hem line.

The poor thing looks like the farmer’s wife in Babe: Pig in the City.  You know, after she had a bunch of goop dumped on her. A little bit of a tangent, but one hundred percent accurate.

Please fire your stylist.


Well, That Was… Something – The 2013 Grammy Awards

11 Feb

So the Grammys happened. There were some great moments and some lousy ones. Onward, shall we.

SWV was there looking as Dynasty-esque as ever with those giant shoulder pads and sporting matching slits (in this case I DO NOT approve).

Oh… Red, White and Blue. Yaya, I noticed, how could I not? It was definitely loud enough, you know the election’s over right?
Ugh. Tacky.

But let’s move on…

If you have a good handful of breast you need to show, at very least, some chest. If you don’t you end up looking very heavy.

Belting it isn’t for everyone… No matter what they say in trend lists. Neither are floor length gowns.

Accentuate what you have and nobody’s eyeballs will get hurt. WORST re introduction to the public eye EVER.



Ooh La La, Nina! SAG Awards Red Carpet Stunner

28 Jan
This lady can do no wrong on the red carpet...Seriously.PopSugar

This lady can do no wrong on the red carpet…Seriously.

I watch The Vampire Diaries. Guilty as charged, and maybe I should feel shame in that. Maybe. But what I have no shame in, is admitting that I love watching everything  Nina Dobrev walks down the red carpet in, including this Elie Saab beauty at the SAG awards.

Everyone’s so pre occupied with what’s quote unquote, on trend, but this dress speaks volumes as to why you should just go with whatever works for you.

The great thing about this dress is that it’s conservative, yet in that hot pink it really makes a statement. Add to that a bit of transparency, which totally takes it to another level and gives it a vibrancy… I don’t care what people have to say about Elie Saab, all I know is you can’t go wrong in one of his creations.

You know who else you can’t go wrong with? Stylist Ilaria Urbinati. She just plain rocks it out every time.

Stay classy, Nina!


Jessica Chastain’s Fashion Redemption at the 2013 SAG Awards

28 Jan


Thank you, Ms. Chastain, for wearing something that perfectly compliments your beauty.

Jessica Chastain SAG Awards 2013

Mah-velous Dah-ling
Jessica Chastain

Even though poppy red was one of the big colours at the Golden Globes, on the SAG red carpet it was all about Black, white and blues, so that meant that this Alexander McQueen dress really popped!

Now let’s talk about why, even though the dress is a little too tight and the hem looks a little wonky, it’s still an improvement over what she wore to the 2013 Golden Globes.

First of all, I hate the middle part. It makes it look like her hair is thinning.

Jessica Chastain Golden Globes 2013

Look at how unfortunate her boobs look.
Jessica Chastain

I hate that the dress makes it look like she tucked her tits into her skirt. Like her boobs were so saggy that she could no longer roll them up into a bra, People of Walmart style.

I hate sea foam, and the red lipstick is clearly as confused about why it’s there as I am.

Yes, hate is a strong word but I do HATE it when women sell themselves short with their clothes, and this look is 99 cents short of a dollar.

The truth is her SAG awards look isn’t perfect, but it’s closer to being the right cut, colour and style for her body, and that changes everything. So go forth to fabulousness Jessica, we’re rooting for you!

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